About Us

About Us


Colonial Tirana was opened on 15/02/2012 as an idea of ​​Ilir Dushkaj to create a real Cocktail Bar in Tirana, where customers feel at home and together with the staff to create their own drink. Of course it was not easy in a city where people came in and sat at the table without asking and greeting anyone, to communicate with them to create a bahsku cocktail. But nevertheless we have succeeded and for this we are grateful to all our customers who have trusted us and suggested to their best friends, because thanks to them we are here. We will not mention names but they are really numerous and it is exciting to remind them how enthusiastically they proposed to us.

Colonial Cafe Tirana is one of the many cocktail bars in Tirana where we try to be ourselves and follow our style in the preparation of drinks and not without reason we have underlined Cockatail Academy because we attend our school of making and serving drinks for you who are read to your friends whenever they honor us with their presence in our facilities in Colonial Tirana as well as in Colonial Shkodra and Colonial & Osteria Korça.


*Some cocktails will have a secret ingredient for which we reserve the right not to disclose.